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What is the meaning of indifference in Hindi?

Meaning of indifference in Hindi is : विरक्ति

Definition of word indifference

  • The state of being indifferent. (noun)

Examples of word indifference

  • Up next here, three congressmen voicing anger, frustration, and outrage at President Bush for what they call his indifference to those imprisoned Border Patrol agents, and the president's outright arrogance.
  • The liberty which we call indifference is a word without an idea — an absurdity; for this would be to determine without reason; it would be an effect without a cause.
  • Farrow said she was baffled and frustrated by what she called the indifference of Britons to Darfur, the region of Sudan where 200,000 people have died and 2.5 million been forced from their homes in four years of fighting between the Sudanese government and local rebels.
  • But the court did issue a stinging rebuke for what it calls their indifference to their constitutional duties.
  • Brana's (ph) uncle, Rashid, blames their deaths on what he calls the indifference the American troops who control Baghdad and on Saddam Hussein, who released tens of thousands of convicts before the war.
  • She then closed up the hut and covered the few coals with ashes so that the fire would not die out entirely, just as a man does with his inner feelings; he covers them with the ashes of his life, which he calls indifference, so that they may not be deadened by daily contact with his fellows.
  • That "indifference" is the key word, and I wonder if it's this that's at the root of the confusion between appropriation and (mis) representation.
  • Is this representative of a certain indifference to the qualities of commercial manga or is there some sort of cultural forbearance and variation in standards at work here?