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What is the meaning of indulgent in Hindi?

Meaning of indulgent in Hindi is : पक्षपातपूर्ण

Definition of word indulgent

Examples of word indulgent

  • The 37 bedrooms, arranged in clusters, are decorated more naturally than the public rooms and include five types, from the smallest "Just Right" rooms to the huge "Indulgent" rooms.
  • Indulgent implies a certain luxurious giving in to desire of some sort.
  • Indulgent, irresponsible, and wickedly immediate, the painting - suitably representative of the majority of works on view - largely ignores the continuing crisis of representation.
  • Mike Marchant, local musician extraordinaire, will headline the show to promote his latest solo release, Indulgent Space Rock Volume 2.
  • Indulgent, and my hips would not thank me if I did, but man this dip was good!