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What is the meaning of insult in Hindi?

Meaning of insult in Hindi is : बेइज़्ज़ती

Definition of word insult

  • An action or form of speech deliberately intended to be rude. (noun)

Examples of word insult

  • Two people compliment Palin, one person insults her, and the insult is the headline.
  • No, the insult is a bit more subtle and a bit more direct.
  • If you make a good point and then follow it with an insult, the insult is all that is heard.
  • These are different words, but the insult is the same, and all the more stinging because they may pursue and attack one another in this fashion without restraint, without mercy.
  • As for the numerous servants (more numerous that evening than usual, for their number was augmented by cooks and butlers from the Cafe de Paris), venting on their employers their anger at what they termed the insult to which they had been subjected, they collected in groups in the hall, in the kitchens, or in their rooms, thinking very little of their duty, which was thus naturally interrupted.
  • Transport Workers Union Local 100, said workers apparently are being directed to use regular trains to move the garbage, which he called an "insult to all riders."
  • (diagnosis, prognosis, pathology) the term insult is borrowed from medicine, where it is defined as “a generic term for any stressful stimulus, which under normal circumstances does not affect the host organism, but may result in morbidity when it occurs in a background of pre-existing compromising conditions” (Segen, 1992).
  • An insult is only valid if the person issuing the insult has some credibility.
  • Not the dreaded Pamprin insult of 1975!! the gloves are off now, huh?
  • My favorite part of this episode was at the end where, after the final insult from the Venezuelans, Leslie looks over at Tom and he gives her a little nod to let her know that he also thinks they have gone much to far … knowing that she will tear up the check and that he is giving her permission.