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What is the meaning of intemperance in Hindi?

Meaning of intemperance in Hindi is : मद्यातिरेक

Definition of word intemperance

  • Lack of moderation or temperance; excess (noun)
    संयम या संयम की कमी; अधिक

Examples of word intemperance

  • _On the contrary, _ The Philosopher says (Ethic. iii, 12) that "we apply the term intemperance* to childish faults."
  • The word intemperance is generally employed as applying to the abuse of strong drinks.
  • Incontinence is a term applied only by analogy in the case of the latter; its proper concern -- as with the moral vice, which we call intemperance -- is with the former.
  • In all these cases the idea of intemperance is excluded.
  • And though they call intemperance the being governed by pleasures, yet it happens to them that, by being mastered by some pleasures, they master others, and this is similar to what was just now said, that in a certain manner they become temperate through intemperance. "
  • All I have to impress upon you is, to beware of intemperance, which is very prevalent in this country, and when you find it convenient, to pay Government the money that was allowed you for subsistence while in prison. '
  • Here, at home, is the chief source of that wide-spread ruin by intemperance, that is every year robbing society of thousands of young men, who, by education, culture, and social standing are fitted for useful and honorable positions.
  • Therefore intemperance, which is overcome by pleasure, is a less grievous sin than cowardice, which is overcome by fear.
  • Sad memory brings up our last meeting, and when the subject of his intemperance was the theme of our parting conversation.
  • Now, as to this disease of intemperance, which is a social and moral as well as