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What is the meaning of kaa in Hindi?

Meaning of kaa in Hindi is :

Definition of word kaa

Examples of word kaa

  • M-kaa also shares his impressions, saying that he has not been in Astana for the last two years, which, according to him, can be compared to decades when speaking of the new capital, where construction projects are treated as the affairs of national importance [ru]:
  • The film is a real 'chu chu kaa murabaa' [an amalgam of the sort] with horror, adventure, mythology and toppings of a bit of sf at last of course.
  • I brought him some treats from the US and I am trying to teach him to sit and not to jump (kaa and chini are respectively the Swahili commands).
  • Interspersed with the swami's calls for awakening "desh kaa svabhiman" (national self-respect) by teaching "crore saal purana vigyan" (science dating back ten million years), one finds totally unsubstantiated claims about the power of yogic postures, deep breathing and his own Ayurvedic concoctions for every ailment known to humankind including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma and obesity.
  • To which her replied solomnly, "ooo....eppugee, kiyyee kaa, oo-oo- ah-ah."
  • Are bhaiyya mera manna yeh hai ki yeh kitabon ka shauk burhape ke liye chorh dijiye, abhi jawaani mein kitabein parhne kaa waqt kahan hai.
  • It is morning and I have started from home with a pen on my ear mohabbat meiN naheeN hai farq jeene aur marne kaa usee ko dekh kar jeete haiN jis kaafir pe dam nikle
  • She knows "njoo" or come, and "kaa" or sit like no other tanzanian puppy I know.