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What is the meaning of nde in Hindi?

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Definition of word nde

Examples of word nde

  • My old mentor Børge Ring shares this anecdote with us, which he was told by Dave Hand around 1950, when Hand was in Denmark at the Ring, Frank and Rønde studio.
  • The story is actually much longer, and Nordisk Film really liked Ring, Frank and Rønde, but business was business even then...
  • It was Nordisk Film that in 1952 overtook Ring, Frank and Rønde studios, after having invested in them to make a feature directed by Dave Hand, and having aquired a 51% interest.
  • They were not able to make a deal with Hand, so after a year they declared Ring, Frank and Rønde bancrupt, after which Børge Ring and Bjørn Frank Jensen moved to Holland to work for Toonder Studios.
  • Film's own Karsten Kiilerich's father-in-law, Arne Rønde in Vedbæk north of Copenhagen...
  • I was listening to Radio Rwanda online the other day and 'ese mbaze nde?' came on and it just overwhelmed me with sadness.
  • Corruption within the Department of Correctional Services will no longer be tolerated and will be rooted out entirely, nde Balfour said on Tuesday.
  • (_B. D._ stands for _ "B.nde dessinee" _ and can be translated as "comic book," but in France they're taken seriously; published in hardcover, for both adults and children.)