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What is the meaning of patient in Hindi?

Meaning of patient in Hindi is : सहनशील

Definition of word patient

  • content to wait if necessary; not losing one's temper while waiting; not bothered with having to wait; not unwilling to wait (adjective)
  • A person or animal who receives treatment from a doctor or other medically educated person. (noun)

Examples of word patient

    • I have to say that two female neurosurgeons talking about their patient *as their patient* rather than as a man would not be a fail to me, although I'm not sure whether I'm saying it wouldn't fail the rule or just wouldn't in general bother me.
    • She was being patient -- _patient_, poor lamb, and only God himself knew how she cried when she was left alone in her white bed, the door closed between her and all the house.
    • "One cannot understand how a compounder can diagnose and administer an injection to a patient& It appears that Sangupani complained to the compounder that he was having chest pain and the compounder keeping in mind that on earlier occasions the doctor prescribed Deriphyllin injection, administered it to the patient.
    • The term patient care episode represents the sum of two numbers: resident hospitalized patients at the beginning of the year or those on the active role of outpatient clinics; and admissions during the year.
    • The title patient produced 16 personalities before she was through, and became a national phenomenon.
    • Obviously, the split-brain patient is not acting normally, however.
    • The determining factor in deciding whether to try a new approach with a patient is the risk/benefit equation.