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What is the meaning of percentage in Hindi?

Meaning of percentage in Hindi is : सैकड़ा

Definition of word percentage

  • The amount, number or rate of something, regarded as part of a total of 100; a part of a whole. (noun)
    किसी चीज की राशि, संख्या या दर, जिसे कुल १०० का हिस्सा माना जाता है; एक पूरे का एक हिस्सा।

Examples of word percentage

  • Ma's trust index fell 1.7 ­percentage points from last month to 37.1 percent, against his distrust index of 44.7 percent - down 2.4 percentage points.
  • If a certain percentage is not normal then you are not removing enough of them and patients might die from missed diseased cases.
  • For every given level of your output a certain percentage is direct and indirect energy costs.
  • Though I still think assigning a percentage is a meaningless estimate.
  • This percentage is the highest rate in the 51 years that these estimates have been released.
  • Some regions with "higher" gas prices still only spend 2% of their median income on gas, while the percentage is as high as 16% in Wilcox County, Alabama.
  • I think since the percentage is the same amoung the whites and the blacks.
  • I think the percentage is about half of what he gets – 23.5%.