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What is the meaning of pleasantness in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasantness in Hindi is : सुखदता

Definition of word pleasantness

  • The state or quality of being pleasant. (noun)

Examples of word pleasantness

  • The world does the reverse, thinking that nothing does you good unless it hurts: pleasantness is suspect.
  • She was friendly, friendlier than when I'd first showed up in Personnel, but behind the pleasantness was a definite reserve.
  • At the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, Dr. Wysocki and fellow researchers asked 41 pairs of identical twins and 12 pairs of fraternal twins to rate the "pleasantness" of cilantro.
  • How much 'pleasantness' and attentiveness should be required, beyond good 'personal skills'?
  • They come up to gallery requirements by their "pleasantness" or the inoffensiveness of their style.
  • Now, opposite to Thabor, and a mile and a half north of Endûr (doubtless the Biblical Endor), lies a village called Naîn ( "pleasantness").
  • If we enter them on a Sunday forenoon -- for on week-days they are like a sheepfold without its occupants -- we meet with much the same kind of pleasantness in the assemblage there.
  • Though actual schools, or colleges, or written lore, might not originally have had much to do with it, the continued practice of old, well-formed customs held them in "the ways their fathers walked in" and they found them those of "pleasantness" and true honor.
  • Christian should reluctantly give up, one by one, the pleasures of the world; and look back upon them, when relinquished, with eyes of wistfulness and regret: because he knows not the sweetness of the delights with which true Christianity repays those trifling sacrifices, and is greatly unacquainted with the _nature_ of that pleasantness which is to be found in the ways of Religion.
  • Ocular monitoring suggested they also experienced more "pleasantness" during those interactions.