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What is the meaning of pleasurable in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasurable in Hindi is : सुखदायक

Definition of word pleasurable

  • that gives pleasure (adjective)
    जो खुशी देता है

Examples of word pleasurable

  • And while I don't know I'd use the word pleasurable, it's certainly not onerous to ride.
  • Barbiturates injected produce a rush effect which is described as a pleasurable, warm and drowsy feeling.
  • Hmmm ..... when was the last time anyone needed to be told that "food tastes good" or that sex is "pleasurable" - especially teens?
  • An alarm clock is not what we can call a pleasurable object.
  • Reading anyone's KGB dossier is never what might be called a pleasurable experience, and Sakharov's KGB dossier is no exception.
  • I cannot picture anything described as pleasurable, beautiful and peaceful, and picture extreme physical pain and discomfort in it.
  • This route is one of the most pleasurable, which is probably why I save it for last.
  • She wanted to recall the pleasurable sensations of the day, and to prolong them.