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What is the meaning of popo in Hindi?

Meaning of popo in Hindi is :

Definition of word popo

  • Alternative form of po-po. (noun)

Examples of word popo

  • PHILLIPS: My mama called the popo and I had the polka dot security blanket.
  • If "popo" is not phonetic, how will I ever know the sound of a Japanese dove?
  • August 10, 2009 11: 16 AM trapster - tells you where the popo are hunting speeders, where red light cameras are, mobile radar vans ... not that I speed or run red lights, but it's nice to know when the govt is going to be watching you before they can see you ... it's strangely rewarding to report police activity.
  • Inside the US, the Constitution applies and that means popo needs a warrant, absent an established exception to the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment, none of which apply in the case of me and my camera.
  • In phonetic, that would mean "little poop" in French, like when you talk to a kid .... "petit popo"
  • I did what I always did when the parental popo nabbed me.
  • Tu sais si je peux trouver ton livre version anglais a paris? bisous! popo |
  • On June 29th 2009, popo wrote: now miley and nick jonas are dating! check out when the jonas went to LARRY KING LIVE … …. joe made a mistake!!! selena gomez and taylor lautner are dating now!