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What is the meaning of pralaya in Hindi?

Meaning of pralaya in Hindi is :

Definition of word pralaya

  • destruction, apocalypse (noun)

Examples of word pralaya

  • -- and therefore in a kind of pralaya; -- at the right moment, to push its development, almost suddenly, along a new line, not parallel to the Atlantean, but _sui generis, _ and to be Aryan
  • Accordingly, in many traditions, the process of yoga is considered to be the individual enactment of the process of cosmic dissolution pralaya that occurs at the end of every cosmic age.
  • Lokanamabhave is explained by Nilakantha as pralaya-kale.
  • All these historic eruptions were the mere sporadic outburst of a race long past its prime and querulous with old age, I think Two thousand years of severe pralaya, almost complete extinction, utter insignificance and terrible karma awaited them; and we only see them, pardon the expression, kicking up their heels in a final plunge as a preparation for that long silence.
  • His attitude is, I think, nearer the Teutonic than the Celtic: -- his countrymen, like the Teutons, were accustomed to the pralaya, the long racial night.
  • We see the same thing in any decadent people; by which I mean, any people at the end of one of its manvantaras, and on the verge of a pralaya.
  • The eighteenth century, for manvantara, was a singularly dead time in Europe; but in China, for pralaya, it was a singularly living time, being filled with the glorious reigns of the Manchu emperors Kanghu and Kien Lung.
  • In the seventh and eighth centuries, when continental Europe was in the dead vast and middle of pralaya, Chinese poetry, under Tang Hsuan-tsong and his great predecessors, was in its Golden Age -- a Golden Age comparable to that of Pericles in Athens.
  • Yet of the four racial roots or stocks of Europe, the Greco-Latin, Teutonic, Slavic, and Celtic, the last-named alone has been under pralaya, sound asleep, during the whole of this time.