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What is the meaning of proceedings in Hindi?

Meaning of proceedings in Hindi is : सभा

Definition of word proceedings

  • Plural form of proceeding. (noun)

Examples of word proceedings

  • Allowing anyone to attend the proceedings is the next logical step, and one that the council may take someday, he said.
  • At this moment in proceedings a stranger who had been sitting in a dimly lit corner of the saloon bar sidled up to Nathan.
  • Unless unmeritorious prisoner suits can be filtered out early on in proceedings, I think it is fair to stick with the old standard.
  • Ok, all I will say at this point of the proceedings is that the emphasis of balls is gentle, it is by no means an aggressive or direct way of address.
  • When Wright Gore, owner of a local shrimping business, refused to sell land the city wanted, Freeport initiated eminent domain proceedings against him.
  • Nega was clearly angry at what she called a pattern of behavior by Siohvaughn Wade throughout her contentious divorce proceedings from the Miami Heat star.
  • Legendary team owner Al Davis, who usually watches the proceedings from a golf cart, keeps an almost constant presence.
  • Reaction Geraldine Mattioli from the international body, Human Rights Watch, says the decision to resume proceedings is a good one.
  • Boulting's search for the stars, however, proved frustrating; his only interviewees, excluding those actually involved in proceedings, were the Russian darts player Anastasia Dobromyslova and the former television personality Angus Loughran, neither of whom to the best of my knowledge is a cage fighter? though they'd probably be fairly well-matched.
  • Bernanke will use all his tools to help grease the wheels for the industry, but he doesn't have as many tools in the toolbox as he used to, and if the actual law on these foreclosure proceedings is not changed, Bernanke may not have the ability to help as much as he would like.