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What is the meaning of putti in Hindi?

Meaning of putti in Hindi is :

Definition of word putti

  • Plural form of putto. (noun)

Examples of word putti

  • The specialty of Allegri was "putti" -- tumbling, tumultuous, tricksy putti.
  • They are called 'putti', which translates 'little boy', in Italian.
  • A realistic life-sized mouse may be seen in one place, just as if it had run out to inspect the work; and the numbers of little tipsy "putti" who disport themselves in all attitudes, in perilous positions on narrow ledges, are full of merry humour.
  • Think of India and Pakistan, only with demons and putti instead of Sikhs and nukes.
  • Crivelli's painting may well be a masterpiece, but, as with so many of his depictions of Christ, it is unclear what purposes of piety or devotion are served by his unflinching, almost gruesome, renderings of a sallow corpse that is propped up by two ugly putti and whose arms are marked by anemic traceries of arteries and veins.
  • There is even one with a tiny naked man urinating on a large initial letter, surrounded by putti and a pair of fornicating goats.
  • Grumbles and moans emanate from my man, my lover, the most eternally romantic of souls, at the very first signs of cherubs, putti, Cupids, roses and hearts.
  • In the centre we see the Divine Infant embracing the Cross - while putti show forth the instruments of the Passion - and conquering with it death and sin, symbolised by the skull of Adam and the snake.
  • Guardian angels were dedicated workers, but they weren't sweet little putti sitting on your shoulder.