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What is the meaning of receptive in Hindi?

Meaning of receptive in Hindi is : संग्राहक

Definition of word receptive

  • capable of receiving something (adjective)

Examples of word receptive

  • The gods send this clue in the Situation::: I'm trying to help people and they ruin my delivery to ensure the number of people who are receptive is minimized.
  • Of course we should remain receptive to any genuine compromise which may be offered by the Soviet Union, but it would be folly for us not to recognize that the present divisions in the world which result primarily from Soviet Russian policies, will continue for some time to come.
  • If the formal impulsion becomes receptive, that is, if thought anticipates sensation, and the person substitutes itself in the place of the world, it loses as a subject and autonomous force what it gains as object, because immutability implies change, and that to manifest itself also absolute reality requires limits.
  • Clovis was not in what could be called a receptive mood; the younger generation of Eggelby, depicted in the glowing improbable colours of parent impressionism, aroused in him no enthusiasm.
  • There are two very marked types of intellect to be observed amongst men, which we may call the receptive and the creative.