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What is the meaning of refusal in Hindi?

Meaning of refusal in Hindi is : मनाही

Definition of word refusal

  • The act of refusing. (noun)

Examples of word refusal

  • For Israelis, that refusal translates as a denial of any Jewish connection to the land, which in turn means that the conflict is still open.
  • Fox has repeatedly said that she loves comics, so I wouldn't assume her refusal is automatic.
  • Mpofu expressed concern over what he labelled the refusal of other media to give the SABC credit for anything.
  • Prosecutors are severely critical of his leaving the ship before the evacuation was complete, which they describe as a "refusal to do his duty."
  • If this refusal is the result of an offended sensibility, you cannot exert yourself too warmly in its consolation; even if it is from pride, it has a just claim to your concessions, since she thinks you have injured it; yet pause before you act, may it not be merely from a confidence of power that loves to tyrannize over its slaves, by playing with their chains? or a lurking spirit of coquetry, that desires to regain the liberty of trifling with some new Sir Sedley Clarendel? or, perhaps, with Sir Sedley himself? '
  • But viewed more skeptically, or some would say more pragmatically, the operation against Libya represented an intelligence and policy failure that exemplified the long-term refusal of the CIA and MI6 to shut down A. Q. Khan.
  • Such a refusal is entirely within their Constitutional powers.
  • All those whose reality is shrouded in refusal and denial to see the writing on the wall, will be responsible if they nominate Obama and he loses this election for us, because the whole world knows that this presidency is the Democrat's to lose.
  • And because refusal is treated as a positive test result, he is now considered guilty of doping and could be barred from professional chess for two years.