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What is the meaning of rejection in Hindi?

Meaning of rejection in Hindi is : प्रतिक्षेपण

Definition of word rejection

  • The act of rejecting. (noun)

Examples of word rejection

  • When it was rejected later, without the giver there to react, the rejection is a pure expression of right and wrong: clarity.
  • On Tuesday he provided the first details about one of those brands, called Public, which he described as a rejection of much of his past work.
  • They seldom say "no" because they fear disapproval or what they define as rejection.
  • Implicit in this rejection is the notion that being colonized by the British was a cake walk - cricket, polo, tea parties, and quite walks in the park - rather than some brutal foreign colonial power exploiting anotherforeignland for the benefit of King and Queen, or as Hitler would have said, the fatherland.