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What is the meaning of resolve in Hindi?

Meaning of resolve in Hindi is : हल करना

Definition of word resolve

  • To find a solution to (a problem). (verb)
  • Determination, will power. (noun)

Examples of word resolve

    • Does anybody believe Obama when he says "our resolve is unwavering" after dithering for 4 months, and saying he wants to exit by the end of his 1st term .... obviously when he needs his crazy left wing for his reelection bid.
    • Straddling the fence is the game and gutless or seriously lacking in resolve and determination is the guy who can read but not lead! diridi
    • And just in terms of where black men were then and where they are now, I think the same resolve is in the black community is amongst black men to want to better themselves and better their families.
    • Half the book finishes the main story, and apparently the only thread left to resolve is whom Hagumi will pick to spend her life with.
    • Their resolve is no less than these thugs -- they after hunting them down.
    • We must remember the words of Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said that "resolve is a force multiplier."
    • One of the questions we have to resolve is why Kohlhammer would * want* to be president.
    • But while Hopson may seem like a softie, his resolve is strong: he would rather break the laws of Costa Rica than his word to Andres.