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What is the meaning of rut in Hindi?

Meaning of rut in Hindi is : लीक

Definition of word rut

  • Sexual desire or oestrus of cattle, and various other mammals (noun)
  • to be in the annual rut (verb)

Examples of word rut

    • It almost seems like the rut is affecting me more then the bucks.
    • It's only 70 miles from Bankhead where the rut is almost dead but its just now starting to heat up in Marion county.
    • Across much of whitetail range, the rut is a scant few weeks away.
    • As I noted last week, the rut is a fading flower across much of whitetail range, and recent severe winter weather will put food at the top of the whitetail list of basic needs now.
    • Here in west central indiana the deer arnt very active yet and there arnt many corn fields that have been picked yet but its gettn cooler and the rut is about a week off so im huntin feild edges the deer gotta leave the corn sometime there aint no ponds or cricks in the feilds to drink from